Regulating Our Future

What you need to know about Regulating Our Future (ROF) including how to keep updated, and how to get involved in developing this flagship policy.
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Our programme is modernising the way food businesses are regulated. We are creating a system that is modern, risk-based, proportionate, robust and resilient.

For the UK to continue to be a strong, credible player in the global food economy, the regulatory regime needs to keep pace with rapid change.

Leaving the European Union will change patterns of food production, trade and consumption. This will require a flexible and responsive regulatory system.

Our principles

Businesses are responsible for producing food that is safe and is what it says it is.

Consumers have a right to information to help them make informed choices about the food they buy and businesses have a responsibility to be transparent and honest in providing that information.

The decisions we make with our regulatory partners should be tailored, comparative and based on a clear picture of UK food businesses.

The regulator should use all available sources of information.

Businesses doing the right thing for consumers should be recognised - action will be taken against those that do not.

Open policy-making in action

All of the plans we are developing under ROF are being tested publicly, with input from all of our stakeholders.

This includes:

  • consumer groups
  • private assurance scheme owners
  • local authorities
  • food businesses of all sizes
  • UK and international regulators

This has been captured in the current Target Operating Model, our blueprint for future food controls.

How to get involved

You can contribute to the discussion by joining the conversation by using the hashtag, #FoodRegulation.

You can also email us directly:

How to stay updated

You can sign up to receive updates through our regular Regulating Our Future newsletter. Every couple of months we publish an update on the ROF programme and supporting documents.

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